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At Ignite Realty, we pair personal service and attention with the best technology available today. We offer our clients comprehensive services that do not begin and end simply with listing your home on MLS. We make it our duty to stay current with the latest real estate and marketing trends, and utilize many different marketing techniques. Along with being experienced in the Houston real estate market, our team of Realtors has backgrounds in Interior Design, Home Staging, Marketing, and Photography. Our team of professionals…

 What can you expect when listing your home with Ignite Realty?

The process begins when we meet with you to discuss your needs as a seller. Along with information we gather from you and your home, we will analyze the current market conditions and comparable properties to prepare a listing proposal. The listing proposal outlines a price schedule, home readiness plan, and marketing plan.

Price Schedule: Pricing your home is perhaps the most important factor to you, the seller, and to the buyer. We believe in competitive and realistic pricing that is determined by analyzing comparable properties and current market trends. We outline a schedule of pricing and price reductions, if necessary, prior to listing your home. This eliminates confusion and frustration during the selling process.

Home Readiness Plan: An individualized Home Readiness Plan outlines what you, the seller, will need to do to prepare your home for listing. The Home Readiness Plan outlines repairs you might need to make, specific cleaning or organizing you should do, and suggestions for staging your home.

Marketing Plan: We utilize traditional marketing strategies, such as mail outs, as well as modern marketing strategies. Along with a Pricing Schedule and Home Readiness Plan, we will outline our marketing strategy for your home.Once the terms are agreed upon, we begin the process of listing your home. Together, we will go through the Home Readiness Plan, and set a schedule to prepare your home for pictures and listing. Once all readiness tasks are completed, pictures will be taken. This is an extremely important part of the process. Your home’s pictures will largely determine whether or not a buyer ever visits your home. Today’s buyers are much more comfortable making purchasing decisions using solely online resources. They use social media, forums, product guides, and pictures to make purchasing decisions at an increasing rate.  Buyers will rely heavily on the pictures of your home. This is why pictures are so important. At Ignite Realty, we understand the importance of good photography. We use professional photography equipment and editing software. Once we have professional photographs, we begin the process of marketing your home.The first step in marketing your home is to list your home on MLS. Many Realtors consider this the last step, but at Ignite Realty, we provide more attention to each of our clients. As outlined in your home’s Marketing Plan, we will utilize comprehensive marketing strategies based upon your home’s potential buyers. We develop a strong online market presence to reach today’s buyers. The increase in popularity in smartphones and web enabled devices has brought about a swift change in how buyers find homes. Today’s buyers are more savvy, more informed, and often have the home of their dreams picked out long before they physically see any homes. They expect to find a wealth of information easily and quickly. Ignite Realty maintains premium memberships with several different online sources to gain maximum exposure for your home.

Your home will also be marketed through our site in our Featured Listings where potential buyers can virtually visit your home. These listings offer the buyer more information than they can gather from a traditional listing. There is no limit to the number of photographs that can be included. You, as the seller, have a chance to tell potential buyers about your favorite features of the home. Information about your neighborhood, the surrounding area, and other important information will be organized to allow buyers to easily and quickly gather information about your home.

When it comes to selling your home, choosing the right Realtor to represent you is important. A good Realtor can mean the difference between selling your home or not. It is not enough to simply list your home on MLS, and hope for the best. A good Realtor understands the market trends, works with you to prepare your home for selling, and develops and implements relevant marketing plans. At Ignite Realty, we are heating up the real estate market. Why get burned by another agent, when we are here for you. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your obligation free Listing Proposal.